Ankle Sprain & Management

Sprained your ankle recently? Or realised that you kept rolling your ankle? These ankle management exercises could work for you! In many cases, during the event of an ankle sprain, the ligaments surrounding the ankle become partially or fully torn, resulting in the instability of the ankle. Try doing the exercises shown to promote recovery and strengthen your lower limb to prevent frequent ankle rolls in the future :) Disclaimer: The exercises shown are just a general guide. Should you be experiencing any abnormalities, do seek proper consultation.

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Running Gait

Reactive Strength and Running

Reactive strength is a representation of the fast stretch shortening cycle (SSC) function to increase subsequent force production. Improvements were found in running economy with 9 weeks reactive strength training intervention.

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Sports Coverage in Action!

Watching from the sidelines & always ready and prepared to help the athletes!

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Catch Your One & Only Sole-Mate With Us!

Get your customized insoles from our clinic now!

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Advanced Sports Taping Workshop Was a Success!

Our first advanced sports taping workshop was held successfully last Sunday!

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