Physioconnect@Lakeside X Ground Up Climbing

A night at Ground Up Climbing Halloween Party!

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Physiotherapy Sessions Can Be Fun Too!

Physiotherapy sessions can be fun too! Had a mini ninja warrior course for our patient :)

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Lakeside Fitness Kakis

We welcome you to join our Lakeside Fitness Kakis family!

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Sore and Tired Legs After a Run/race/marathon? No Worries!

Have you just completed a race or marathon, and your legs are feeling sore and tired? No worries! We are here to help!

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Our Taping Workshop Is Back!

Missed the first sports taping workshop? No worries! We are back with another Basic Sports Taping Workshop, held at our very own clinic on the 24th September 2017, Sunday, from 9am – 1pm!

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