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Ankle Sprain & Management

Sprained your ankle recently? Or realised that you kept rolling your ankle? These ankle management exercises could work for you! In many cases, during the event of an ankle sprain, the ligaments surrounding the ankle become partially or fully torn, resulting in the instability of the ankle. Try doing the exercises shown to promote recovery and strengthen your lower limb to prevent frequent ankle rolls in the future :) Disclaimer: The exercises shown are just a general guide. Should you be experiencing any abnormalities, do seek proper consultation.

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Running Gait

Reactive Strength and Running

Reactive strength is a representation of the fast stretch shortening cycle (SSC) function to increase subsequent force production. Improvements were found in running economy with 9 weeks reactive strength training intervention.

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Sports Coverage in Action!

Watching from the sidelines & always ready and prepared to help the athletes!

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Catch Your One & Only Sole-Mate With Us!

Get your customized insoles from our clinic now!

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Advanced Sports Taping Workshop Was a Success!

Our first advanced sports taping workshop was held successfully last Sunday!

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Physioconnect@Lakeside X Ground Up Climbing

A night at Ground Up Climbing Halloween Party!

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Physiotherapy Sessions Can Be Fun Too!

Physiotherapy sessions can be fun too! Had a mini ninja warrior course for our patient :)

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Lakeside Fitness Kakis

We welcome you to join our Lakeside Fitness Kakis family!

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Sore and Tired Legs After a Run/race/marathon? No Worries!

Have you just completed a race or marathon, and your legs are feeling sore and tired? No worries! We are here to help!

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Our Taping Workshop Is Back!

Missed the first sports taping workshop? No worries! We are back with another Basic Sports Taping Workshop, held at our very own clinic on the 24th September 2017, Sunday, from 9am – 1pm!

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Our First Sports Taping Workshop Was a SUCCESS!

Our first ever Sports Taping Workshop was successfully conducted! Everyone had much fun and certainly had valuable hands-on experience learning the techniques of rigid taping!

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Sports Taping Workshop Is Back!

Our Sports Taping Workshop is back! Workshop will cover basic upper and lower limb (shoulder, knee, ankle, etc) with the use of rigid tapes!

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Super Heroes? Nah, We Are Better! We Are SUPER SENIORS!

It has been almost 3 months since we started our weekly Tuesday AM workout for our seniors! This journey has been rewarding as we see the increasing numbers of seniors joining in to workout together to lead an active and healthy lifestyle!

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“Can You Help Me Tape My Ankle?”

Happening on the 16 of April 2017, this full day workshop will include anatomy lesson, common sports injuries and how to use rigid tape for the shoulder, knee and ankle.

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Break Free

Our clinic is situated in the midst of a matured estate and naturally, the mean age in this region is easily above 65 years old. To promote the idea of active aging, we will be conducting weekly morning exercise class for… everyone and anyone.

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