What our clients are saying about Physioconnect @ Lakeside

Had a sport massage with Trevor and request to focus on my stiff shoulder & neck. He was able to identify my problem & focus on the right areas. I felt very relaxed after the massage & looking forward to a sound night sleep. Will be coming back for more sessions.
Eileen Liow
Worked with Trevor for two sessions within a span of 3-4 weeks for my ITB knee pain. He spotted other weaknesses too that might have contributed to the overuse of my knee. Did rehab exercises to strengthen my knees and other parts of my body, it worked and now I'm back to 100% up and running.
Zuo Hong
Trevor is Super knowledgable and is able to pinpoint the problems that I'm having. He really have the skills and knowledge to not only help with my injuries but also strengthen the area so as to prevent further injuries. The staffs there are very helpful and friendly as well! Had a wonder experience!
Trevor is a attentive and great physio. I have been having painful hip and back ache spanning for about 1 month plus. Sitting and standing hurts equally. When i worked with Trevor, the pain significantly subsided in 2 sessions and i was discharged. I was at almost 100% by 1 months time. On top of that, the staff at physioconnect are caring and and friendly. This makes the atmosphere while doing rehab more positive and definitely comfortable.
Meticulous service, sincere physiotherapists. Detailed plan and timeline to recovery for post-surgery labrum (shoulder) repair coupled with solid taping techniques and shiok massages to release muscles that over compensate due to inactivity from injury. Well-rounded treatment that placed me on a supported road to recovery.