Some rare photos of our physiotherapists & trainers covering different sport competitions! (They are rarely taken by photographers so these photos are really precious! :D)

From Singapore University Games (SUNIG), Poly-ITE Games (POL-ITE), Inter-varsity Polytechnic Games (IVP), to many other different tournaments and competitions, we provide sports coverage services of many different sports to different schools/institutions, clubs and organisations all year round!

Don't hesistate to contact us for more information regarding Sports Coverage!

Photo credits: Wong Foo Lam PhotoWerks & NTU Spirit

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Trevor Lee

About the Author - Trevor Lee

With a degree in Bachelor (Hons) of Science in Physiotherapy, and a diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, Trevor is an Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC) certified physiotherapist, with over 5 years of working experience.

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